• Never Before, Online Platform, Singapore

  • SkyKave, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

  • Seeing Through Silence - silent talk, Today@Apple, Singapore

  • Changi Inspires Art Fair, Singapore

  • Singapore Then & Now, Pan Pacific, Singapore

  • Vibration is Gold, SkyKave, The Arts House Playden, Singapore

  • True Colours, Sports Hub Visitor Centre, Singapore



  • Living with Grace, SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar, Singapore

  • Unstoppable Riders, uberASSIST, Singapore

  • People, Places & Pieces, Orchard ION Art Gallery, Singapore

  • See What I See first solo exhibition, Enabling Village, Singapore

  • The LASALLE Show 2016 - an annual exhibition by the graduands


  • As Far As I Can Reach: Works by Students In Diploma, Fine Arts, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, Level 1, Singapore

  • Lost Conversations: Selected Works by Students From Fine Arts, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, Level 1, Singapore


  • Breath of Colours, Singapore



  • Moving Images & Sound (Video), The Substation, Singapore

  • LASALLE Open House, Project Space, Singapore

Kallos Magazine - Deaf But Not Disabled
Signing Hands – An Inclusive MV
Signing Hands - An inclusive music video for The Purple Parade 2020.

Premiered at The Purple Parade Livestream Concert.

Photography: Isabelle Lim (issyshoots)
Design: Isabelle Lim and Tham Yin May

God’s picture perfect gift
Inside the Silent World
Published: 9 Nov 2017

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Dining with A Conscience
The collection is inspired by her resilient grandmother, who has lived a fulfilling life well into her silver years, and was a collaboration between Isabelle and her cousin, Tham Yin May. Isabelle is also a beneficiary of the TODAY Enable Fund.

Published: 7 Nov 2017

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Through the lens of photographer
Living with grace through the lens of photographer born with disability

Published: 18 Nov 2017

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A Face of the Purple Parade
Perception by ND Chow
BTS for the Ramen Teh movie
Mad About Singapore 2017
Another noteworthy Instagrammer who had three photographs exhibited is 23-year-old freelance photographer Isabelle Lim, who is deaf and has a rare genetic disorder called Nager syndrome.

"For me, photography is a way to save memories and communicate with my viewers," she said through sign language.
Mad About Singapore 2016
My Life, My Way
The Story of Isabelle Lim
1st for Happy Faces Competition
16 Oct 2016
Shooting for her dream
The Straits Times

Published: 25 Sep 2016

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The girl with something special
The Straits Times

Published: 26 Apr 2015

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ST video series bags prize
The Strait Times

Published: 7 Oct 2015

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An image of tribute to LKY
She shoots for her dream
The New Paper

Published: 20 Jan 2014

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Teen overcomes the odds
The Straits Times

Published: 23 Apr 2011

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  • Happy Faces, Singapore Children's Society


  • Nikon Captures Album of the Month award

  • Nominee, The 36th International TAKIFUJI Arts Award, Japan


  • Dare To Dream scholarship at LASALLE College of the Arts


  • 3rd award for The Photography Competition For The Deaf

  • Consolation prize for the National Day organized by ITE College East


  • Outstanding Deaf Student Award (Secondary Education) by Singapore Association for the Deaf



  • LifeFest, Singapore

  • Seeing and Feeling Sound with Ferry, Today@Apple


  • Yin May “Love is not Rare” Behind the Scenes

  • True Colours Concert, Stadium, Singapore

  • Very Special Arts Booth, Sports Hub, Singapore

  • No Strings Attached (True Colours Conference), Enabling Village, Singapore

  • Kingdom Invasion 2018, Expo Hall 7, Singapore


  • Aphre x C.Jam, Toys Museum, Singapore

  • True Colours Anniversary, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore


  • Fall in Hush, Epiphyte cafe, Singapore

  • Shiseido CSR Activity, DaySpring New Life Centre, Singapore

  • 8th WFD RSA Youth Camp, NACLI, Singapore

  • 2nd National Deaf Games 2016, Singapore

  • May Day with Migrant Workers, Sentosa, Singapore

  • Gas and Dust: The Manufactured Space exhibition, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore


  • ​WoW! Camp, Singapore Association for the Deaf (including video recording)

  • Vivian’s 21st birthday party, Singapore

  • Dave Chua’s 21st birthday party, Singapore


  • Deafinitely Amazing, The Substation, Singapore


  • Singapore World Water Day, Singapore