Ziyue and Zhiwei

It was a great experience with Isabelle and her Mum

as not only we had fun, we also enjoyed getting to

know them better. They were prompt in giving us

mosquito repellant and portable fan when we

appeared uncomfortable. We really appreciate their

care. I love some of the photos where Isabelle captured

our candid moments where we can reminisce the good

old times. Thank you so much Isabelle & Jac!

She offered her service to me and I'm glad she did.

Thank you once again! :)

Kathy and Lucien

The pictures speak for themselves! We had such a

relaxing shoot, just being ourselves and Issy was sharp

in reading our facial expressions and body language!

The photos weren’t your usual studio-like shots but

told a story of our relationships with each and as a family.

Thank you so much Issy. We will treasure these

precious pictures!

- Kathy Ooi

We have a tradition of capturing family portraits before important life milestones and have tried different photographers but I must say the one that captured

us best is our family friend, Issy.

- Prof Lucien Ooi

Professor Steve Dixon, President

of LASALLE College of the Arts

LASALLE College of the Arts has engaged Isabelle Lim

as an event photographer since 2015, when she was in her second year as a Diploma in Fine Arts student. She has an artist's eye for detail, sensitivity and attentiveness to the individual demands of each shoot, and a knack for capturing candid moments between people.

These skills manifest in photographs that are emotive, don't shy away from unique and surprising angles, and yet are subtle and pleasing to the eye. She has shot important institutional events including Convocation 2018 and 2019, Open House 2019, the School of Contemporary Music Festival at the Esplanade, and the 13th Asian Cinema Society Studies Conference. In addition to her artistic skills, we have consistently found her to be quick and responsive to our requests. She is a highly gifted photographer who approaches every shoot with great enthusiasm and professionalism.

Emi Morihata

Isabelle was a professional photographer with amazing skills to execute what we wanted. Our graduation photoshoot theme was recreating photos from an event that happened 4 years ago where we all first became friends, and Isabelle took the time to recce the venue and come up with ideas that allowed us to recreate the photos while adding more sophistication that matched with the occasion of the group photoshoot.

One of the strengths that Isabelle has is her flexibility in working with people who have not done photoshoots. Our group was big (14 people), and the majority of them have not done any sort of group photoshoots before, but Isabelle knew how to provide instructions, and bring out everyone’s natural expressions.

In addition, Isabelle constantly provides creative ways to make the photos unique. During our photo shoot, she came up with new and creative ways to work around the situation (i.e. Use the nearby hawker centre as a photoshoot venue) when we encountered a thunderstorm and was not able to continue the shoot outdoors.

Really enjoyed every single moment of the shoot as well as the outcome of all the photos :)

Anita's Family

We enjoyed the photo shoot with Issy. I liked the casual approach to the shots.

Sharon and Richard

Taking time to catch moments and not rushing through.

Sarah and Geoffrey

The raw and emotional human aspects of

how the photos turned out.

Tham Yin May,

Copywriter, singer and songwriter

Issy's good natured honest style and the opportunity

to work with someone specially abled.

Chew Kia Huey,

Corporate Communications

National Council of Social Service

Isabelle has an eye for photography and a flair to capture photos that bring out the emotions. Even during a hectic event, she always manages to take good interaction shots. Isabelle is also able to deliver the photos on time to meet our requirements.

Chris Fonseca,

Deaf dancer and choreographer

I’d like to express my gratitude and appreciation the great work you did on 19-20 May that have delivered high standards quality based on what I’m hoping for.

I’m happy with the results which I have no feedback which that already covered my required that focused details of myself, in actions with others, close up shots with myself and with others.

Audrey Perera,

True Colours Festival

We enjoyed Isabelle’s presence very much – it was positive and focused. We also respect the way she works – unafraid, systematic, and again, in a very focused fashion. She spent time planning her shots, playing with unusual angles and perspectives, and often, quietly removing obstacles by herself, so as not to inconvenience anyone.

...They are creatively shot, beautiful images that capture engagement, quiet moments and authenticity.

Paul Russell,

Director of Calamity Studio

I was totally impressed by her natural eye for a good shot. As a former professional photographer myself, it was easy to see that she can spot the opportunities for a good image, and put herself in the right place and the right time to get some great images. Her sense of proportion and balance shows a raw natural talent and appreciation of light and shadow, as well as occasion.

Michelle SgP,

Singer, songwriter,

pianist and arranger

Issy's team were amazing and professional for both of my shows. They went the extra mile to drop by rehearsals and arrange a meeting on what I wanted captured. Had a hunch Issy would not disappoint. Indeed the results were expected, and beyond! Given Issy's visual eye and heightened ability

to detect emotion visually, we saw this translated in the photos. Beautiful. Soulful. That's what we got with Issy's unique gift!! Thank you!!!

Aahil's 3rd Birthday

Photos were pretty good. All my guest were covered in

the pics. Editing was well done!

Awesome moments captured of my kids... my kids enjoyed seeing the pics. Really thankful for having isabelle and you on my kids' special day. 

My aunts made remark saying "this girl is good, i like her la she go around each table and take pics. Must be like her".

Gwendolyn and Gerald

I just saw the pictures and I love it!!! Thanks for those pictures and helping us create beautiful photos at this stage of our relationship. Thanks for the effort and for editing so many photos.  


Issy you're so good!!!! I received so many compliments about the pics too! My colleagues at work told me they like the pics too! Cos I put some of them on my work desk hehe.

Mavis Low,

Director of YWLC

I really liked some of the candid moments that you captured of individuals. They captured the essence of

our event.